Monday, November 12, 2012

A week of service

Hello Family!

This week we contacted some former investigators, one of which is an awesome lady. First of all, she shows dogs, owns chickens in her back yard, grows like 5 different fruit trees, works at UC Berkley and owns a cat named Ziva! Which by the way, curled up on my lap the first meeting! I will have to take a picture some time with her. But I thought of Mom and Todd especially and our NCIS! Which is actually what she is named after. The lady invited us to come back and help her rake leaves the very next day. We got to see all her cool trees and animals and raked all morning at one of the coolest houses I have ever been to. Then we went to help bishop with pulling up grass in his yard. It was very muddy, but we got an invite to a nomembers house for a Mexican dinner this week out of it! He is always so good about having nonmembers around when we come by, and they were his good friends helping him out with his yard. They really liked that my companion spoke spanish and apparently we have to try her food that is "increible".

We got another investogator named Lucia this week! Some elders from Concord were teaching one of their member's friends, but that friend lives in Walnut Creek! So they have already taught her the restoration and invited her to baptism on Dec 1st and she said yes! So now we are taking over since she is in our area. We met her last night at the "Why I Believe" fireside which is all recent converts sharing their story. She is great, really prepared and looking. She is also a holistic chiropractor, maybe she can help me with all my soreness from raking leaves and pulling grass! All the up and down movements made me wake up super sore this weekend in my legs and back.

Temple Hill is getting ready for Christmas! I think next to Salt Lake City Temple Square, we have the biggest Christmas decorations at the Oakland temple. They already have the Nativity set up, and several of the the lights. There are tons of Christmas events happening as well, so we get to invite people to it. I also have heard all the sisters are needed to work in the Visitor's Center at Christmas time because it is always so crowded with people! So hopefully Christmas will be busy busy! It is sucha great time to use Christmas tools to share the gospel with your friends! For Thanksgiving, we get to spend two hours at each members house, all day long. So far we already have 3 appointments! I don't know how much food I can eat :(...

We had a great Preach My Gospel fireside with members, and a big thing taken away from it was turning comments into invitations. When you have a coworker or a friend who asks you something about Mormons or your family, turn it into an invitation to FHE or church or to have dinner with with the missionaries in your home. Simple! Also to pray for missionary opportunities everyday. Also make a list of 100 names of people you know are not members and pray and pick one that you feel would be prepared. Not so hard coming up with that many names with facebook and such these days!

A great scripture I came across this week is from Isaiah, and its Isaiah 30:20-21 I really like how even though we go through adversity in a scary world pulling you all directions, the spirit is the voice and teacher guiding us saying "This is the way, walk ye in it."

Enjoy the pictures, I remember my cord this week!

Sister Martin

pic 1) at our ward halloween party with our bishop who painted himself as moroni! sooo cool!
pic 2) a chick-fil-a opened here in walnut creek! we are converting our non-southern members here who do not know what "that chicken place " is! also there were tons of gay marriage and anti gay protestors at the opening.typical california.
pic 3)raking leaves!

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