Monday, January 13, 2014

Missionary Life

Hello Family,

How are you?

This week we went on exchanges and then a few days later got a call from the sisters saying to not freak out, but their ward had a breakout of lice. They said we needed to come get it checked immediately. Then we realized we had borrowed the elders bikes after the exchanges. So then we had to call the elders cause we had to wear the helmets (don't worry we put paper towels in them). Six missionaries getting checkd for lice on a Friday night=party. Siiiiiiick. No worries, I am clean!!! Thank goodness.

In other news, transfer calls came. I will officially be staying/dying in Alamo. However, Sister Olsen will not. She get surprise transfer call Saturday morning, she is going to Oakland 9th, which is inner city, where I used to do exchanges. She is really lucky, that will be an awesome last area. She also got released as Sister Training Leader. I am getting a new companion on Tuesday, Sister Goddard. She has been out almost 9 months, and will be another Sister Trainer Leader with me, so basically I have to train her up as STL, so President had to separate Sis Olsen and I ( alot of the leaders are leaving next transfer with me). But from what I have heard, Sister Goddard will probably be training me, she is a fireball and a hard worker, so Alamo will only continue to get better.

One of our less actives is really starting to love our lessons and the Spirit he is feeling. He is a personal football coach/trainer that played for Cal Poly and helps kids now. We had to go to the football field at the local high school to teach him one night. He had a football in one hand and The Book of Mormon in the other. We had a great talk about Alma 32 and he said he believes Joseph Smith was a prophet-"why wouldn't God call another prophet?" Amazing, we know through his example, his nonmember wife and son will want to learn more.

I love feeling the Spirit so much as a missionary. It always comforts and inspires me, and truly is a companion. I know as we study the word of God daily and share the gospel, we can all have the Spirit, the best feeling in the world, with us always.

Much Love,
Sister Martin

1. All the amazing sisters in the Walnut Creek Zone that we went on exchanges with!!
2. SICK. Lice check...
3. on bikes again....haha 

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