Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Great week

Sorry this will be short.
Another part member family has seen success! Norman said he got his answer to be baptized! He announced it after fast sunday (of course, chalk that up to another fast miracle!) in our lesson. His wife Mandy, the member, got emotional. What a blessing for their family! Norman is chinese and works at Berkely, super smart, but finally has opened his heart to following Jesus Christ. Our ward mission leader was also fasting for him, our ward is SOOO excited for them.
Also we went to Fenton's icecream place in Oakland, its famous, its on the Disney movie "UP". It was really good, I will have to take you there sometime.
Our recent convert, Lucia, went and watched baptisms in the temple for the first time! With all our recent converts now, we are setting up temple trips! Yay! I only go once every quarter of the year, unless its one of my converts. Of course we are hoping to come back for the sealings of the part member families in a year too! :) Also Lucia has seen success in her chiropractor business, she got more clients! She told us "It doesn't hurt having the Holy Ghost!" haha too cute.
Also Sister Hewett and I got a special assignment from our mission president for the whole mission. We are getting official maps printed for every apartment. So we are getting the best prices we can, networking,etc. I will tell you more later.
Love you! Keep the faith! The gospel is true!
Sister Martin

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