Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fourth Book of Walnut Creek

Hello Family!
Crazy Transfers
This week we said good-bye to Sister Erdenebaatar and dropped her off at the mission home on Tuesday to get her new companion. Of course, it was pouring rain in Oakland, so all the craziness of transfers and all the missionaries there and their luggage was soaking wet! Sister Hewett and I didn't need to be there except to drop off Sis E and pick up a few things, including our car. Well after a mix up of cars and a long story, our car had been lent to some Elders who weren't there even there! We didn't have a car so we couldn't leave. After waiting forever, when they got there it turns out one of them was transferring so our car was packed with their stuff, including bags of snacks and smelly cologne! Our car still lingers of those smells. But we had to help unload and load their stuff, plus some other missionaries, all in one parking lot, all in the pouring rain. It was quite the adventure, maybe I will attach a picture. It turns out that Sister Hewett and I were a rarity in staying together, almost all the sisters were transferred around this time! We are excited though, we have really loved our ward and the people here. Also, Mom and Dad might appreciate that Elder Flemming was transferred into my district.
More Mongolian Miracles
After a rough week of some tracting, we were sad because the few return appointments we had were flaky, including a wrong number given to us. We looked up some old potentials and former investigators and that wasn't very successful either. Walnut Creek is a very transient place, so everyone moves in and out soooo much. Finally it was a glorious weekend, filled with a women's temple conference, someone paying for our dinner annonymously (we found out later it was a member), a great trip to the visitor's center with an investigator, and a great sunday at church. However, most of our goals had fallen short for the week. We decided to work on seeing Zaya Sunday night. Zaya had a friend from Mongolia in town and she brought her to church! Her name is Augie. She sat in on the great lesson our ward missionary did for Zaya and then we were all just talking, and Zaya said she told Augie about her baptism and the temple and Augie wants to be baptized!!! Woah! She didn't speak much English (Sis Hewett and I think the Lord is telling us to learn Mongolian) but she said she wanted to be clean and be a new woman, have a new mind, etc. It was amazing, and I felt the Spirit so strong as she tried to express this desire to us. She will be in town for a few months so we can help out with that! Zaya already told her she needs to go to church 3 times (we didn't know Zaya remembered that) so she took her already once, so as long as she keeps a few other commitments that long we will probably see a baptism possibly as early March 10. That night that meeting with her helped us out with 3 different goals, not just the one we had planned on. Blessings!!! Sister Hewett and I have a dream of starting a Mongolian branch here!
Earlier that day we ate lunch with another one of our ward missionaries and her nonmember friend and after long conversation of seeing how she has been searching, I invited her to learn more from the missionaries and she agreed! Sadly she is not in our area so we won't be teaching her but we went home and immediately sent in her information for the missionaries in her area.
The work truly moves forth better through the members!
That is amazing I heard 58 new missions were opened! Let's hope members are ready to give all these missionaries work to do! Things are changing for missionaries (we are getting some missionary department training this week) so members need to be ready for it, its happening, and its happening now. What a great time to be on the earth to witness all of this! 3 Nephi 12:14,16 "...I give unto you to be the light of this people. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid...Therefore let your light so shine before this people, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven." Light is so much better than darkness, it was the first thing God created/separated in the creation, and we need to help others recognize the difference as we are examples of light, joy, and goodness.
Sister Martin

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