Monday, February 18, 2013


Hello Family,

This week we had the privilege of serving with Sister Erdenebaatar, a sister from Mongolia serving in the Northgate 1st and 2nd ward. I mentioned in the last email her companion has gone back to the Salt Lake City Temple Square mission, so president asked us to be her companions for a week until our mission's transfer day (this tuesday). Oh yeah, mine and Sister Hewett's transfer calls were both to stay in Walnut Creek again! I am now officially the only missionary in my group that came out at the same time as me to stay with their trainer this long. I have also been sister hewett's companion that she has had the longest. Don't know why, but the Lord sees that we need to both stay here, which we are ok with!

Anyways, so since we had Sister Erdenebaatar, we had to work three wards this week! Almost every hour of every day was filled with appointments, it was crazy. We had to drive back and forth between Walnut Creek and Concord so much, every night we have all been exhausted. But it has been soooo fun! I have learned even more about the power the Book of Mormon has when you take time to read it with everyone you teach, including less actives. Also Sis E is still learning English, so it is fun teaching her new things (she pronounces squirrel as "skiddle"), and her attempting to teach us Mongolian. She is very humble and sweet when she teaches and prays, you can feel her love for the gospel, and she is also a convert! I'm telling you, something is happening with the Mongolian people and the gospel! I also had some Mongolian food this week, basically any Mongolian will tell you their favorite thing is "meat!!!" so I had this thing pronounced ho-shore, it was really good, like a folded over pastry thing with a juicy piece of meat inside. Sis E says you can also put onion and garlic in it. But so far we have seen she doesn't really like too spicy or sweet of things-not even cereal! Sis Hewett and I love the Mongolian people we have met here, maybe we will go visit one day! 

On Valentines Day, we got to visit some of the elderly in Sis E's ward. They were in different nursing homes, but it was so cute when they got excited about the Valentines we brought them (you know I like the ones with cute kittens on them). I was very impressed with one of the ward missionaries we took with us. He brought different things to each person, like three avacados, or two notebooks, etc. You could tell he visited these people often, and knew what they needed and how to serve them. It was very touching and inspiring, it reminded me of President Monson and how he always visits the widows. What a lonely life they lead, and how blessed are not only we, but them as well when we take the time to visit and bring good cheer. When we earn someone's trust, give them of our time (as the Savior did to people) and show we truly care, they will open up to how we can help them.

Also while in Concord, we went to contact a referral at night (we should have known it would be sketchy) and the whole apartment complex was blasting mariachi spanish mucic for a birthday party- at 8:00 at night! It made for a very loud and awkward conversation at the door, and it is so important that we help them feel the Spirit with the first contact. Sis E will go back another time, but it reminded me how much in our life we need to make sure its not too loud to feel the Spirit, or else we could miss out on great opportunities. 

Well this week we are teaching a new part member family, they seem to be a hot item in our ward lately! We are continuing teaching two Indian investigators, who are soooo polite, and also very insightful about the Book of Mormon. Keep praying for us to find more investigators, and that they will come to church (we seem to be back at our original problem when we first got here, but now we know how to work on it). Also, don't forget that while its nice to pray for the missionaries to find people, its even better to pray for your own missionary opportunities!

Love you!
Sister Martin

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