Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mongolian Miracles

Hello Family,
This week was Augie's baptism! She was so excited. She is one of the purest, most prepared souls I have ever met. Bishop said he saw when she got into the font that she took a moment to look up first. I thought that was touching, I couldnt see perfectly due to my seat being behind the witnesses. But she loved it and came out smiling and waved to everyone as she stepped out of the water. She has said she feels this is right in her heart and is always asking us how to fast, to get a Gospel Principles book in Mongolian for her, etc. She loves the gospel and sees it for its pure form and light. Even though she understands even less English than Zaya did, she believes, she prays, she marks her scriptures,etc. What a wonderful example. She always kept telling us she wanted to be a new woman, new "clean mind and body".
Zaya and Augie fed us Mongolian food, and it was sooo good. I will send pictures. Also,  I cut my hair!
We are holding a Mongolian Cultural Night on Tuesday! My comapnion and I made it up and invited the whole ward, plus the sister missionaries before us were from Mongolia and have left a ton of Mongolian stuff in our apartment, like slippers, flags, books, and a list of people in Zaya's complex that speak Mongolian! We went and visited these names, and found and invited THREE Mongolian families to our cultural night! Zaya is giving a cooking lesson, we will learn facts about Mongolia, and watch a short church video in Mongolian. We are trying to get creative with our finding ideas.
I love our investigators. All three of our progressing investogators came to the baptism. Priyali, one Indian investigator, even helps us fellowship the other investigators! They sit together and talk together in class, like a little club sometimes haha. She is so nice and always sits by someone new in Relief Society, even if its one of the 70  year old ladies.
We have a Mormon Helping Hands project coming up soon. Up by the temple, they are building a place to house 1000 children who need homes. I am excited to help with this!
Well family, how are you all doing? How are your jobs? Your kids? The weather? Your wards? What have you done lately?
We have a new email policy, we are allowed to email friends, church leaders, and recent converts now! So if any friends want to email me, its laurel.martin@myldsmail.net
Lots of love,
Sister Martin

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