Monday, March 25, 2013


Ok Family,
Everyone in our ward, that we meet, and you have all noticed that Sister Hewett and I have been together for an unusually long time. Well this week, we got transfer calls. And not only transfer calls, but trainer calls!
Tuesday morning we got a call from President Meredith. He said I have been assigned to train a new missionary in Walnut Creek. Sister Hewett has been assigned to train a new missionary in San Francisco 6th ward, spanish speaking. She is replacing where elders used to be.
I will probably serve at least half my mission in Walnut Creek, but really its the best place to be. There really is no place like it in the mission (according to our AP's), so it will be a dream place to train! I think Heavenly Father knew that I needed something I was familiar with while I am doing something not familiar like training. Also, there is a lot of work I need to be a part of! Almost all the missionaries that came out with me are training this transfer, including Sister Olsen (MTC comp). So all the 6 monthers--it will be great because they are all so great! It will be fun to see them all again at the new missionary meetings we have to go to. It was fun seeing them at the trainer meeting. At the trainer meeting, we learned that in the next 3 transfers, 29 more sisters are coming in than are going out of the mission (but elders are decreasing by 3). And 1/3 of the mission will all be in their first 3 transfers at the same time. Many who we train will probably be asked to train quickly. We will be getting 13 new areas!
Sis Hewett has been saying her goodbyes this week, and everyone is sad the "dynamic duo" is getting split up, but they all said they were not surprised at our both being asked to train. Augie and Zaya were devasted! They told us we were their special missionaries and when they gave us hugs, said to me "thankyou, staying!"
I am excited, this will be a great opportunity to grow and learn. We have some great new potentials coming up that will be fun to meet together with my new companion, and she will get to meet those we already love! And she might be one of the 19 year olds coming in, I don't know yet, I won't meet her until I pick her up Wednesday night. But please pray for me, and if any of you who have served missions and served as a trainer, please send me advice or encouragement or stories!
In other news, Priyali fasted this week to have the courage to talk to her family about meeting with the missionaries, and she did! It went well, they are just hesitant about baptism, so keep praying they work things out. Granted, she is 39 and her parents live in India, so she doesn't need permission, but she is looking for their blessing because Hinduism is very important to them AND her. But I have seen a lot of prayers answered this week, mine as well as others, so prayer is sooo important and I know He is listening! This is His work!
I love you all, and I do pray for you. I know as we do what is right, the restored gospel of Jesus Christ allows us to be together forever because of Jesus Christ's Atonement of mercy. Ally as well as other beloved ones are waiting for us, may we be so grateful for Easter and that we have the promise of death being conquered!
Sister Martin
P.S. Sister Hewett has really enjoyed my stories and thoughts I share about my family. You really are all great! I'm so blessed! She will have to meet you someday.

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