Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Training and Easter

Hi Family!

So this past Wednesday I went to pick up my new companion. It was there I had to talk up Walnut Creek and then president announced who I would be training. I am now companions with Sister Goff, a tall blonde 20 yr old from Oklahoma! She is very excited to be a missionary, ready to work, and we get along great! I was/am very blessed so far with companions.
I was extremely nervous to be senior companion and driver in my area, especially because our first night was foggy and I got a little lost. Then the next day every single thing I had planned for her first day fell through, so we just knocked on doors and did some street contacting downtown. I was very proud of her though, she kept a great attitude and said this is what happens! She had gone out a lot with sister missionaries before her mission, and experienced a lot of falling through and knocking doors. The first people who opened the door for us was a white Muslim couple who were very nice, then a crazy old man who had elders teach him once. Then the next day we had back to back teaching appointments, where I had Sister Goff invite Annette to be baptized with a date. It was successful, and we are helping her prepare for April 28! Pray that works out! It has been a long time coming, but Annette is ready now.

Easter was fantastic! Saturday we attended The Lamb of God oratorio/performance in Oakland with some members and recent converts. It was great, I really want to the soundtrack. Sister Goff and I were asked to speak on Sunday on the Resurrection.  It was pretty cool they announced us by saying they had two special witnesses of Jesus Christ speak to everyone today.I spoke about having Christ in our life so we can look forward with faith and not fear. We can do this by always having Him on our minds, or "always remember Him" like in sacrament (I got these thoughts from a talk by Elder Christofferson). I shared Alma 11: 40, 42-43, and of course bore testimony how this applied in my life with my family being forever. Then we had Easter lunch, Easter dinner, and Easter dessert at members homes. I was so full! One of the meals felt like Martha Stewart quality, so fancy with little bunny shaped rolls. I already miss Easter.

Well I must go, but know that I love you all, have a wonderful spring week, and the gospel is true! And we get to hear from a living prophet this next weekend!!! We will be inviting everyone we meet to watch this. Send me your thoughts about it for next week!

Sister Martin

1) at the trainer meeting with sister olsen and sister campbell. excited for 12 weeks program again!
2) sister goff and i with president and sister meredith
3)we are all related! grandmas, moms, daughters, aunts, etc.

 (more pictures)
making ho-shore mongolian night after lamb of god performance in oakland
fancy Easter dinner at the stewarts
Hermana Cash made it to the mission field!! yay EFY buddies!

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