Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy Conference!

Dear Family,
I loved conference! As always. I feel like I could sit there for 8 more hours and keep taking it all in! So this week our zone asked us to focus on inviting all contacts to listen to a prophets voice. Thanks to Becky and her package, I made cute little conference handouts for our investigators and then also put together a flier to have the information of what times and where to watch it for nonmembers we met on the streets.
One guy we talked to while walking to an appointment with an investigator, was very interested and ended up asking if our church does any service, because he would love to help! We have a return appointment with him this weekend. Then we also ran into him again yesterday and he cheerfully walked up to us and we chatted and he made sure that we were still coming by this week! We also hope to get him involved in the Mormon Helping Hands project coming up.
We also met another very prepared lady, she works as a stewardess and was coming home after a long flight. But she was very nice as we walked with her from the parking lot to her apartment. We stayed outside her apartment though, and had probably another 20 minute conversation. It turns out she lost a very close friend a few years ago, and has been struggling with how to deal with the grief. As I testified to her of the peace the gospel brings, she looked at me very intently and asked how becaue that is something she has been searching for. We talked a bit about the Atonement, but will go back to teach her lessons hopefully this week.
As for conference:
Elaine S. Dalton: I loved that she reminded us to be virtuous. Do not let the world's morals (or lack thereof) influence us so much we forget what the Lord has asked us, His children, to be like. We must remember who and whose we are, and stand as a witness. What would the world be like if virtue was of worth and highly prized? It would solve so many problems.
Elder Ballard: I loved the tomato plant story, and what stuck out to me was to be careful not to neglect what is needed to help up grow. Do not turn away from the divine light.
Elder Cook: World peace vs. personal peace. What gives us peace is the doctrine of Christ :faith, repentace, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. We get a good conscience from repentance and living righteously, which gives us real peace.
Stanley G. Ellis: We are not spiritual orphans! Also, instead of asking what can the ward do for me/who has the best ward, we need to think about what ward needs us. What can we bring to the table? Remember that the Lord's ways are higher than our ways.
Elder Bednar: Law of Chastity impacts so many other things.Do not think of the temporary attitudes of the world- remember the Lord's law! Learning to control ourselves makes us more Christlike. Christ overcomes anything of the natural man.
Elder Nelson and Anderson: Missionary work! AKA Missionary FUN! More importantly, member missionary fun! Catch the wave! Please help fill the missionaries calendars! Just talk to friends, be a friend, and then invite them to learn more and add more truth to their life. Even if they reject you, you have the Lord's approval of trying, and you will get desire to try again and again. Also, use internet to share the gospel! Every member a media-nary!
Elder Perry: One of my favorite talks. Obedience to law is liberty. Society routinely dismisses 6 of the 10 commandments: other gods, idols, using His name in vain, Sabbath Day, sexual sins, and coveting. These are moral absolutes and we need to remember that wickedness never was happiness! Obedience brings blessings, disobedience brings sorrow. We need to acknowledge ALL the commandments trust in His promises.
President Monson: Reminded us that prophets have always said obedience is necessary for salvation. Obedience is our true test in this life.
Elder Holland: Of course, another great talk. I loved this one because I have always wanted someone to expound on the story of the man that says 'Lord, I believe!...Help thou my unbelief'. We need to have the integrity to stick to the faith we have, no matter the size of the faith. Don't pretend faith you don't have. Examine, understand, and resolve. Everyone is here to walk by faith, when doubt comes, do not be afraid to ask for help, He will strengthen us. Even if you can't say you 'know' something, believe/hope for/desire to!
Elder Oaks: 'As a disciple of Christ, I had no other choice'...speaking about forgiveness. the commitment we all made at baptism to follow Him, and when he says to forgive others, and we do, we are being his disciples and keeping that covenant.
Christoffel Golden Jr: The nature of the godhead. The heart of the gospel is the Father and the Son, which was confirmed in Joseph Smith's fist vision. It proved God exists, He knows us, we are made in His image, and He continues to show interest in us and reveal Himself. These things have happened before, and they are happening now.
Well, I must go, but know that I know we have living prophet and apostles today on the earth, and they speak the words of the Savior, and those words are for the whole world! I am excited to share that with those who don't know. LOVE YOU ALL!
Sister Martin

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