Monday, April 22, 2013

The Power of Service

Hello Family,
I had exchanges this week with Sister Croft, one of our Sister Trainers. Due to so many sisters going on missions now, the Church is officially giving leadership titles to some sisters. They will not be District or Zone Leaders, that is still for the elders. But so we have an opportunity to go on exchanges and learn from experienced missionaries as well, we have companionships of Sister Trainers. Technically our mission has already had this because we are a mission with so many sisters, we had special permission. There have been one set of Sister Trainers for the Visitor Center sisters, and one set for the Full Proseylting sisters. Now we are getting so many new sisters we will be getting an additional set of Full Pros ones. Exciting news for the missionary world! Anyways, Sister Croft and I had a great time in Walnut Creek, she said I was doing great! And Sister Goff did well in San Mateo with Sister Camarillo, I was very proud of her and her first exchange!
We are working really closely with two investigators to hopefully get baptized in May. They are soooo close, and the adversary is pushing so hard against them, its very frustrating. But we had some great lessons on Recognizing The Spirit this week that will hopefully help. We are also trying really hard to get up a new teaching pool, so we are getting a lot of potentials, but then return appointments are so hard to keep solid for them. Any advice from you returned missionaries out there? Also prayers are always helpful, trust me I feel them!
On Saturday we had the special opportunity to work with Mormon Helping Hands on the Fred Finch Youth Center. It really was a blast! A bunch of missionaries and members in yellow shirts pulling weeds that were probably like 50 years old! It was so fun bonding with the other sister missionaries especially Hermana Ferguson and Hermana Cash (from Texas EFY!) as we pulled out giant bulbs that just got bigger and bigger, and cut down ugly bushes. There was painting and weeding mostly, and on this next weekend we get to help mulch and plant. The youth center houses children in Oakland, but they only have one part time groundskeeper, it was really sad. Who better than a bunch of Mormons to come clean it up for free?! We had such nice weather and there was lots of food for the volunteers, just a really fun day! I will post some pictures.
This week I really felt the power of service. I literally forgot about everything else for few hours as I just enjoyed working and serving these people. It reminded me that whenever I am down on myself or stressed about my life, I need to just get out there and serve someone else (which yes, Mom always taught growing up). Not only so most of the time you see others have problems too, but it's in fact a real chance to feel your Heavenly Father's love for not only His other children, but for you too. So many people these days question if there really is a God; well when you genuinely serve someone else, I know you can feel the answer. Also, I don't know how many people can say they spend their free time visiting widows, doing someone elses yard, etc except home and visiting teachers. This really is Christ's church on the earth today.
Go out and serve somebody this week, it will build not only your testimony, but your conversion!! Promise! I REALLY LOVE YOU ALL!!!
Sister Martin

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