Monday, April 15, 2013


Hi Family,
1)at Emma's Garden Party, the pretty set up for the stories of the presidents of relief society. I thought it was beautiful.
2)Sister Goff and I at the Garden Party
3) Norman spoke at "Why I Believe" fireside finally! He did a great job, and mentioned Elder Watson, one of the elders who first helped teach him, in his talk. Luckily Elder Watson was there and he has been so excited Norman chose to be baptized in Walnut Creek. Elder Watson is from Australia, and sounds like it too! So even though his old companion and my old companion were gone, we still both took a picture with him to show that you never know when the fruits of your labor come!
This week we had some great things happen. First, we are helping prepare for the big Mormon Helping Hands project this weekend. The Relief Society was asked to make quilts for the youth that will be staying at the home we are building on Saturday. Mom just so you know, I am still terrible with a needle in my hand, and I hope the parts I worked on don't fall apart!But I tried.
Relief Society celebrated it's anniversary on Saturday. It was called "Emma's Garden Party", and it was so well put together, it looked like they hired a wedding reception crew! But no, we just have extremely talented, driven, and Pinteresty ladies here. It was beautiful all set up in the church building's little courtyard, complete with a mini production one of the counselor's made. She found the script somewhere online, but there were sisters who each represented one of the Relief Society presidents of the past. It was actually very touching, I felt the Spirit a lot as they talked about the sisters during old war times, and some of the hard things others experienced. What courage they had to endure, and how much we have to learn from them! Zaya and Augie came and even brought some food to contribute, so it was a great day!
Interesting how much gardens play a of eden, garden of gethsemane, 1st vision was in a grove of trees, but close enough...
We found a new investigator this week. We found him as we were just walking down the street. In our lesson with him he mentioned how he had been exploring religions and he loved how he felt when he went to church. He said he felt a difference when he did not go, and wanted to know why and how he can have that feeling again. The Lord has really prepared him to hopefully now drink from living waters.
We have been praying for Priyali to be baptized, and she knows everything is true, but is hesitant about the actual ordinance of baptism. We took Mandy and Norman into her lesson, and they both contributed so much to her concern. Norman spoke about how he came to decide to be baptized, and Mandy mentioned that she said there is a reason we got a body. It's pretty significant that we came to earth to get one, and we are showing God that we will follow Him by a physical act. Together our spirit and body are entering into that covenant, so yes it is significant to have an ordinance. We also talked about how your baptism day is a day you will always remember, so you have an more of an obligation to honor it; instead of just saying one day you would follow Christ. Anyways, it was such a good lesson, and I learned a lot from the Spirit through our members.
Well, I am still looking forward to all your thoughts on Conference and your testimonies. That is amazing the Angleton area is getting a church building finally! We must be growing?
Love you all!!!
Sister Martin
P.S. I am very sad to say my camera fell out of my bag onto some rocks this week, and now my screen is all shattered. I am grateful it still takes pictures, but does anyone know where I can get this fixed? Or is there nothing I can do?

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