Monday, June 10, 2013

Some updates

Hi Family,

So mostly my letter this week is the pictures I sent you. They are a bit overdue, but at least within this last transfer.

Otherwise, this week we really took time to track down some former investigators from the area book. Sure enough, we found someone interested in reconnecting, and then an interested neighbor of someone else. So we had some little miacles this week of finding new investigators. I have put off going through the former investigator files because many were old, and the sisters here in the past never actually taught them that much if really at all; basically some sketchy information. But I knew they needed to be updated, so I just did it anyways. Tracking down these people in over 100 degree weather has been interesting. Especially for poor Sister Fiefia, she was NOT used to the heat, and does NOT like it. I ve a testimony that constantly trying to find in new ways really works. As I have tried old ways it has not worked for this transfer for some reason, but at the time they were new they were awesome.

Anyways, new missionary training meeting for Sister Fiefia was fun. I got to sit by Sister Olsen, my MTC companion. And during our role play/practice, one of the new elders was teaching me, and he was sweating he was so nervous! It is always fun to see old faces as well as the excitement and testimonies of all these new missionaries! Every training I go to literally gets bigger and bigger and the next one will be the biggest so far. I also don't know if I mentioned, but a Sister Smith from EFY is here! She is called to Brazil, but due to visas, we have a bunch of missionaries temporarily here. Texas EFY reunion happening here with me, Hermana Cash, and Sister Smith! It's been fun seeing them here. We were all counselors together last summer, and I was the only one with my call at the time, and after they both had put papers in.

Well I need to go, love you!
-Sister Martin

Picture 1) Priyali's Baptism with Bishop Oyler, my two daughters Sister Fiefia and Sister Goff, Priyali, me, and Sister Pope (Sis Goff's new comapnion)
Picture 2) At the zoo with my district on my birthday! I am "22"! I also broke my watch squeezing into that turtle...
Picture 3) At the bear exhibit- S.Fiefia, me, S.Oa, S. Anderson, and E. Fleming
Picture 4) After Zone Conference, with S. Oslwald a new missionary and Sis Erdenebataar again!
Picture 5) The truck I got to drive for a few days. Elder Bailey, the senior missionary in charge of vehicles still brags and tells everyone I got to drive it, all the missionaries are jealous! My little piece of Texas.

Picture 6) My district in matching yellow. Sister's Anderson, Oa, Fiefia, and me. Then Elder Watanawongworakula (yes, that is seriously his name, its the longest name in the mission) and Elder Fleming.

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