Monday, June 3, 2013

But there was one among them

Dear Family,
Ross and Lacie had their baby girl blessed this Sunday. They are such a cool couple, they have tons of friends, many of whom joined us at church! It was fast and testimony meeting, and we had some interesting testimonies, and my companion asked if I wanted to go up. We agreed we should both go, and we closed the meeting testifying about raising families in today's world of shifting values with the gospel of Jesus Christ (which was perfect, because we have a monthly theme in our ward that the bishopric chooses, and June is 'preaching the gospel in our home' based from talks in conference).
That afternoon, we went to their luncheon. As soon as we walked in, one of their friends said how much he loved what we had to say in church. He said something really hit home with him. We talked a little more, and he mentioned how he loves Walnut Creek and is thinking about moving his family here, because he loves the set up that Ross and Lacie have, said it looks like a good place for family. This guy was so awesome! Then before we left, we gave him a card with and our number and told him to call us if he had questions and we talked to Ross about getting them in their home to teach more. Then we talked to his wife a little later, and she said "thanks for your testimony today. Something you said about the world changing values I think really struck my husband." We were so happy when we left that luncheon! I came home to do personal study, and happened to read the account of Abinidi in the Book of Mormon, and how even though he died probably thinking he didn't get through to anyone, verse 2 of Mosiah 17 says "But there was one among them whose name was Alma... And he was a young man, and he believed the words which Abinidi had spoken." Then as some of you know, Alma repents, then preaches the gospel and soon over 200 are baptized, later that number doubles. I just get chills reading the line"but there was one among them". And its so true, you never know who is listening, who is prepared, etc. The power of one influence is incredible. I thought about how many nonmembers were in church, and there was at least one among them who liked what they heard and felt. We were meant to share those testimonies!
One of our dear sisters we visit is in her 90's and has many health problems. We love visiting her though, and she is always smiling and letting us sing her hymns. It was sad news we received this week that she fell and broke her hip. Her less active daughter called us and said she had asked her mother if she wanted the missionaries, because the doctors said she might not make it out of surgery. She said yes she wanted to see us and others who make her happy. We informed the Relief Society President, and when we got there that afternoon, there was her visiting teacher, her hometeacher, and about 3 other priesthood brethren from the ward, who stopped by to give a blessing before the ward campout this weekend. What an amazing unit of love and support a ward can give! Her less active daughter was impressed as we all gathered around to sing How Great Thou Art, it was a full choir! Then we shared a scripture and said a prayer, and she was smiling and holding our hands the whole time. Turns out she is actually doing great! Came out of the surgery well. She is such a fighter. I just hope that this also gives us an opportunity to talk to her daughter as well.
Well, keep Walnut Creek and the sister missionaries here in your prayers, that we can have new investigators. You are in mine, I love you all!
Sister Martin

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