Monday, October 21, 2013

Boots and Baptism

Hello Family,
I am staying in East Bay Midsingles another transfer. Nothing changed.
We were handed an investigator with a baptismal date this week. Turns out his baptismal date is THIS SUNDAY. So Crazy, but we are planning it. His name is Alvaro and he has an amazing testimony about Jesus Christ. He has given up so much addiction in his life. He loves our ward, so he wanted to be baptized here, so the Richmond Spanish elders passed him off to us. We are going to ward FHE with him tonight, studying about the life of President Monson, should be fun.
GUESS WHO ELSE GOT BAPTIZED?! Annette from Walnut Creek. I have officially hung around long enought to see every fruit from those I taught there. She has investigated for over a year now. I went through everything with her. But through a crazy story she thought the new Walnut Creek sisters had set a baptismal date with her (turns out it was a dinner haha) but she had secretly given up smoking to work towards that date. Also she had some Jehovah's Witnesses come to her door, and she started testifying and telling them that she knew what was right and true! It clicked with her somehow! What a blessing for her daughter who was just baptized over a year ago, to see her mom finally enter the waters! I got to go to the baptism cause it was still in my district and we took Alvaro. I will send pictures probably next week.
Well we also randomly called this less active guy who was referred to us by another set of sisters. We invited him to go to the midsingles barn dance activity. It didn't sound like he could go, but apparently he did and told EVERYONE that the sisters told him to go. He kept looking for us all night (we didn't go obviously) haha, but SO MANY people at church talked about him, including Bishop, said how much fun he had, how social he was. We are curious to actually meet him ourselves, we are hoping he comes to church soon. But also our bishop's family went to go buy boots for the activity, and talked to the guy at the boots store about the church. They just asked him at the end if he would like missionaries to talk to him and he said YES and gave them his card. Amazing what the power of opening our mouths and inviting those around us, does, whether they are members or not!
Love you,
Sister Martin

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