Monday, October 28, 2013

East Bay Love

Alvaro's baptism was amazing! The day before we took him to the Visitor's Center to watch the Testaments, it was so powerful and amazing. If you havent seen that movie, the first hour is pretty painful and awkward, but its all worth it for the last 5 minutes!!!!
Then we had a large portion of our ward come support him. His family came, the elders who first taught him got to come, and Bishop even spoke a little Spanish. Everything went well, the priesthood welcomed him and gave him a beautiful new quad set of scriptures. He loves the scriptures so I know he will eat those up! Our first baptism in this historical ward! It was stressful getting a font booked, but through fasting, prayer, and others help, we made it happen. Not a bad problem to deal with honestly!
A talk given at his baptism mentioned something interesting. He said when we get the gift of the Holy Ghost, the words used are "recieve the Holy Ghost". This means we need to work on and be worthy to welcome that invitation to us to receive Him.
Sorry its short this week, love you! Happy Halloween! Happy Birthday Dad! I sent you a card tellin gyou how amazing you are.
Sister Martin

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