Monday, November 4, 2013


Hello Family,
If the Lord can hasten His work in a mid-singles ward, then family wards have NOTHING to ever complain about again!
We have another investigator with a baptismal date. That is a miracle! His name is Brad. We found him in a park dressed in baggy black and a box of cigarettes in his hand, over his ears, etc. At first we had just been hit on by a drunk man and he had overheard so we debated whether it was too awkward of an image to talk to him. But I thought, "talk with EVERYONE" and so I did. (I have learned not to tell the Lord who is ready to hear it and who is not). He was awesome, told us he was looking for change, gave his info. We tried so hard to get a return appt, but over the next few weeks he kept not showing up, not answering etc. BUT THEN this Saturday night he called us at 6:30 saying he was on his way home from Bart and asked if we were still doing the church thing. We were like we are now! So in an hour and a half we managed to take Annette and an awesome priesthood fellowshipper and it was amazing! He said the day after he talked to us he got a job offer. He then not only accepted baptism, but a date! For this month! He has been through so much, with his girlfriend died last year, he has been to jail, etc. Anyways, we were so excited for him, he was nodding his head during Joseph Smith's experience saying "yeah I feel like that guy"! Annette, funny story, was like "are you sure you want to be baptized that soon? It's a big decision.I took like 2 years." But surprisingly that did not deter him, he said "well if we are going to meet 2-3 times a week, I think I can do that".
Alvaro's confirmation went well. His nonmember mom and uncle came again, and we even had someone come help translate for them in gospel principles! Also we have another nonmember who keeps visiting us every week at church. We are trying to see if we can meet with him. We are also starting a temple prep class for those in the ward who should go through or who haven't been in a while. Also we are talking to the ward about starting a Book of Mormon class taught by us (not on Sundays, but another night of the week). So the ward is picking up on catching the vision of helping other's along in their conversion.
We also heard back from our old investigator Celeste. I had an impression to call her, even though we had tried several times that week. She answered and we had a great conversation. She is in a rough spot right now so she can't meet with us, but said we can call and text her scriptures, because her land lords threw out her Book of Mormon we gave her. Such opposition these days.I don't doubt Elder Hales saying that the persecution will be like unto the early saints.
Season Change
Well its November, the leaves are changing here. I have worn my boots and tights a few times. But it is still pretty sunny for the most part. It gets cold at night and the early morning, but pretty warm in the afternoons. It will change soon. On Saturday for service I helped put up the Christmas lights with other singles wards at the Oakland temple! That was so cool, I have always wanted to help with temple grounds.
I will attach pictures next week of the baptisms and caramel apples we made :) I LOVE YOU ALL! Have a great week, share a gospel principle with someone.
Sister Martin

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