Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bye MTC!

*Please read Laurel's previous week entries as well, I just posted them up today! She's doing great!*

Bye MTC!
Hello Family!

I leave for Oakland airport in the morning! My companion got a calling card that we will share because we are allowed to call at the airport. I will call mom and dad for just a few minutes, sorry I don't have more details, but really I saw you all 3 weeks ago and I will call in 3 months. I STILL LOVE YOU!

This week Sister Olsen and I had a powerful experience in the TRC (Teaching Resource Center) with a real referral. We even got a real member to sit in with us. The girl we taught was Hung (she was vietnamse, so I don't know how it is spelled, but that is how it is pronounced). She was very open to everything because she goes to BYU and has member roommates who referred her. With no real religious background, we ended up having her pray to know if God was there and if there were answers to this being the true church and that her family would be ok with her joining. She got up from the prayer and had tears streaming down her face, and we asked her how she felt. She replied she knew He was listening. After teaching the first lesson, where more tears were shed on her part, she ACCEPTED TO BE BAPTIZED! Sister Olsen and I are so sad we won't see her again because we are leaving, but we told her to tell her roommates what happened that night are praying that other missionaries will pick her up. It's amazing what the Holy Ghost teaches people. I have learned my role as a missionary is simply to be the obedient vessel where the Spirit can dwell and be the real teacher.

I also bore testimony this week about family and Ally to Sarah, our other TRC investigator. It was last minute inspiration and I related it to how the gospel of Jesus Christ got me through as a teenager, because Sarah was concerned for her teenage daughter. It hit home with her and she was crying and asked us after if we knew that her sister was dying from lymphoma. We had no idea.

The four of us sisters had a scary experience this week, where we had to receive blessings from the branch presidency. The night we were scared, I had the thought come to me that Ally was with me. In my blessing the next day, I was told (out of the four of us) that I had special gaurdian angels watching me. I started sobbing because there was no way that Brother Lauritzen knew anything of my family, and none of the other sisters were told that in their blessings. I knew my thought was real. Also, we are being taught that the adversary will be working harder when he knows we will do great things for the Lord. So in a way, we felt honored to have that experience, because that means we are a threat!

I wish I could write more, but I'm out of time. I will be in California next time I write! My blog has my missiona home address you can send things to for now. I REALLY LOVE YOU ALL! THE CHURCH IS TRUE!

Sister Martin

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