Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hello from the MTC!

** Sorry for the delay folks. I needed some clarification on what exactly to post here for my sister. I will be consistent with it from now on. She has written three times since she left and I will post all three. Thanks for the patience! Without further ado here is my sister!**

October 3

I am so excited I finally get to email you! We had to wait for p-day which for my zone is on Wednesday, so it has officially been a week I can report about. It's weird now there is new missionaries with orange dots walking around today, and that was just me with mom and dad last week! Which, how was the rest of your stay in Utah MOm and Dad?

First of all, my companion's name is Sister Olsen. She is from South Jordan Utah, left handed, a twin, adopted, and she is not sure what her nationality is, except half white. She is a LOT tanner than me, but that's not hard haha. WE bonded right away, expecially because we are the only missionaries in our district going to Cali Oakland/San FRancisco. Our roommates are Sister Dyreng and Sister Rodgers, they are the only other sisters in our district and our zone (but that will change today). They are absolutely hilarious and we love each other so much already. Sister Rodgers is a convert of 3 years, 95 pounds, actually from OAkland, so she tells us all about it, and she is excited to go serve in the Salt LAke CIty mission. Sis Dyreng is going to San Fernando CAli, so our whole district is going to one of those three places. Our Elders are really precious, they have been trained to stand for us anytime a sister enters the room. Our other district in our zone doesn't have any sisters, and they are really bad about flirting with us, especially because Sis Dyreng is really tall and pretty haha. BUT our district is awesome, we have good class everytime. 

Our teachers are great. SIster WInters blows my mind everytime with her attitude towards not being afraid of missionary work. The new thing is to actually invite people to baptism in the FIRST visit now. SHe explained to us some reasons, but then SIs OLsen and I taught her twice (as a pretend investigator) and chickened out both times. But when we taught our other teacher Brother Warner, I finally said it! HE said he didn't understand why, so it wasn't exactly the best transition, but it opened his mind to thinking about it! Also, With Sis Winters, we had planned on Sis Olsen sharing the first vision (which we have been practicing memorizing this week) because she knew it a little bette rthan me. It came time to do it, and she froze after "I saw a pillar of light..." hahaha and looked at me all awkward and then I just finished it, but it was botched horribly. So testimony, that that is way more powerful when prepared and memorized correctly and exactly in JOseph SMith's words.

Some silly stories--Sis Olsen one day thought it would be funny to pull our Dyreng's chair just a little enough to scare her. BUt the charis roll, so it came out farther than expected, and Dyreng fell on her bum and her skirt flew way up, and she landed in an akward birth-giving position-thankfully the ELders were on a break to the bathroom, but I turned around and yelled "don't look!" thinking they had come back, but it turned out to be just our two teachers. Luckily, they just laughed with us. ALso the elders put a cookie in our district leader, ELder Vickery, sandwhich. When we were waiting in the TRC for the first time as a district, ELder Serrao, our funny HAwaiin elder, accidently rested his head on the button on the wall, and the intercom came on and they asked us if we needed help haha. It scared us all so bad because we were on edge and nervous. But I am getting so much better at getting through The Restoration quicker with still hitting all the points.

We got to hear from ELder Elis, Jon Ellis' dad at our devotional, they showed a picture where they showed LAura and JOn. It was a great talk about choosing exact obedience now. There is a quote we like around here that is "obedience brings blessings, exact obedience brings miracles".

I had to get my tetanus and flu shot, so I will be sending my immunization records home.

My companion got called as coordinating zone sister, which is almost equivalent to zone leader, since the elders can't interview us. SHe has been busy going to extra leadership meetings, but I finally got to go with her last night, because we are the companionship that is supposed to welcome and support the new sisters we are getting in our zone this week. So that has been a good leadership opportunity.

We got to go to the temple today and it was soooooo good. I loved it! Even though it was weird not going as a BYU student.

Sorry if this is bad typing, I am trying to hurry, I want to tell you everything, but that is hard to condense in one email.THankyou JEn for the letter, and thanks to my friends Kiley, Kiley, Loie, and TRia for the letters and package! I loved them :). I REALLY LOVE YOU ALL!!

Sister Martin

p.s. share this with ben and heather if they want, they never gave me their emails. give kisses to the babies and cats too. and i want to attach pictures, but there is no slot for my card, i need my cord, mom i think it is in the green drawers in my closet, its white and it has usb connections with a tiny one on the other end. i will just print pictures and send them this week. i need the mailing address of anyone not at mom and dads house. especially lindsey so you can scan them and put them on my blog.

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