Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cali week 2

Hello Family!
Well this week has been a rollercoaster. Many investigators and people we try to see are getting flaky. Also, many many new concerns came up with some of them that will take a lot longer road to baptism than we thought. Also, can I just say I hated dogs before my mission, but now I REALLY REALLY hate dogs. Little ones AND the ones that look part grizzly bear.
Also, if you truly want to help with missionary work, give missionaries referrals!! We are trying new ideas this week to get referrals. I spoke in sacrament meeting about a quote I found from Elder Ballard " The key to successful member missionary work is the exercise of faith. One way to show your faith in the Lord and His promises is to pryerfully set a date to have someone prepared to meet with the missionaries.  I have received hundreds of letters from members who have exercised thier faith in this simple way. Even though families had no one in mind with whom they could share the fospel, they set a date, prayed, and then talked to many more people. The Lord is the Good Sheperd, and He knows His sheep who have been prepared to hear His voice. He will guide us as we seek His divine help in sharing His gospel." So we are inviting the members here to pray about a date instead of a person. Then take BOM's and pass along cards with them everywhere so they will be prepared as they talk to people by that day. Then that day, us missionaries will follow up with them and get their referral. We will see what happens!
However crazy things are, there are of course, even more good things that happen. First of all, Sis Hewett and I got to be involved in dirty, legit service. That bishop who passed away that I talked about in the last email had all these plans to renovate His family's yard, and obviously never got to do it. While his wife was out of town, the ward and community members came and renovated! It was two whole days (we only went a few hours one day) of shoveling dirt, raking leaves, building fences, and Sis Hewett and I even got to help set an irrigation pipe all along the different gardens. Members had sent out emails and invited non member friends, so Sis Hewett and I got to talk to them as well! Mom, it was just like the HGTV shows we always watched, that's what I kept thinking of while I was muddy.
Also, everyone here is so healthy! We got fed by a wonderful sister who is 52 and single, and she has a health blog apparently. She fed us all of the strange soy and organic stuff but it was actually pretty good.
I get to go on my first exchanges with the trainer sisters in the mission this week. I will be going to a spanish area for two days, so Sis Hewett has been helping me with my testimony and prayer in spanish!
We also got to do a public display board with our district. It was the coldest day I have been here, in a really fancy rich outdoor mall area, but it was actually pretty fun! We had a giant sign that said "are mormons christians? YES." then something about Christmas haha. BUT the fact that it said we were christian, attracted one guy who we gave a BOM to and got his information to send missionaries to.  Also Sis Hewett and I (we had the most luck of all our district that day) talked to a lady who had an ex husband who was an ex mormon but still reads the BOM. So we gave her one and got her information after talking a really long time. Also some funny hispanic ladies drove by and rolled down their window and asked for a pamphlet, and we scrambled to grab one to give to them before they drove off, and the one I grabbed was about member missionary work. oops, haha. oh well, it at least had mormon.org on it. Which, by the way, do you all have a mormon.org profile? You should make one if not!
This week was also our ward's GIANT Halloween party. There was a chili cook off, pumpkin dessert contest, root beer, bouncy house, door decorating where the kids trick or treated, a brazilian zumba performance from a lady in our ward who teaches a million zumba classes, and games for the kids. It was crazy! But we had two investigators come, and a lot of non members. Sis Hewett and I had a booth set up with pamphlets about the temple, visitor's center, family history, family proclamtions, copies of the book of mormon, etc. with a display board from mormon.org profiles from people in the walnut creek/oakland area! I have pictures, but i forgot my cord this week, so i will send them next week.
My P-Day is Mondays, so that's when I write and email. I sent a few letters out this week finally.
I need to go, but I LOVE YOU ALL! Share your testimony with someone! Send me pictures! I do get them in email, so you don't have to print them.
Sister Martin

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