Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The work of mid singles

Hi Family,
Well this Sunday was a sad one. We each got little "yearbooks" of pictures of members of the East Bay Ward and had them sign it. We had a very interesting 2 hour fast and testimony meeting. We may or may not have cried to see it all end. They all frantically signed up to feed us one more time this week and gave us way too much food to take home. I have made some fantastic forever friends there. I enjoyed especially going on splits with the sisters.
We saw mini miracles as hearts were softened by these ward members taking time to pray about this change for themselves. This ward has been their home for years, especially those who didn't feel comfortable in family wards. So for them to say "it's in the Lord's hands" is incredible! I know prayer works! There have been very clear instances on my mission where I needed to pray about something to have the Holy Ghost confirm it, and He has. Even if it is something really really hard, and pride could easily get in the way, if we allow ourselves to align with His will, we feel so much more peace.

As for the new ward. Oh my goodness, I can't express how crazy it all is. We literally feel like we are on the edge of a cliff about to dive over into who-knows-what. Everything is being carefully handled until we officially meet next Sunday. We have a big leadership meeting tomorrow night. My companion and I are the only missionaries covering this new ward. And we cover 4 stakes. For now. With hundreds of names in one stake alone. Most less active. Please pray we know how to focus with this assignment. Also please pray we have investigators that the new ward can help fellowship and teach. One of the zone leaders here jokes with me always asking me if I am going to "poach" their YSA ward and get the older ones out of there. Kind of...there is a lot of work to be done. We are really excited! We feel great things are about to happen!
Sister Martin

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