Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sorry For the No Subject Last Week

Well I guess I haven't gotten it right yet, because President Meredith called me to train again for the fourth transfer in a row. Four daughters! There are 44 missionaries coming this transfer. 44! That is insane, when I came out, we were a group of 13, and we were considered big. But in the trainer training meeting, President had us all raise our hand who had trained once before, then twice, then three times, by that time it was only me and one other sister in the whole room. On top of that, I am moving apartments, but staying with East Bay Mid-Singles with my soon to be greenie on Wednesday. (Sister Mitchell is training after only 6 weeks as well, moving to San Ramon).
And actually I have some other news. I got called to be the Sister Trainer Leader for the Oakland and Oakland East Zone full proselyting sisters. I will be over the Walnut Creek sisters (weird!) and the two sets of Tongan sisters. This means I have to organize going on exchanges with them. But since I don't have a companion that is also a STL yet, I have to exchange 6 times in one transfer. I have to go to all the mission leadership councils, and make sure the sisters I am over are obedient and doing well, and give trainings.They are calling a lot more STL's as we keep gaining more and more each transfer. So Sister Hewett is still one as well, but for other zones. I have to go on exchange with her again so now she can train me again!
I loved going on exchanges with Sister Hewett in San Mateo this past week. We bought some flowers for a sister who had recently lost someone. When we bought the flowers, I had a great conversation with the lady about how she got into flowers/horticulture. This led comfortably into if she had seen the beautiful flowers at the Oakland temple. For those of you hesitant to share the gospel, just look for opportunities naturally! This lady loved the pass along picture of the temple and gladly accepted out invitation to visit it. I also got to run by the bay! Not only was there beautiful water, but for some reason several cats...speaking of cats, we found a blind one in our complex last night. It was so sweet, but very confused, and my companion who is slightly allergic even picked it up to move it out of the road. We felt so bad for it and wanted to keep it so bad! But he had a collar on. And we are not allowed pets.  
Well the ward is growing slowly. We had some more people choose to have their records transferred. We have a progressing investigator, Mike. Pray he will come to church this week. President Meredith might be crazy having me train and be trainer leader all with a VERY different area/ward that we are slowly building from scratch. We did a lot of tracking down potential mid single people in Oakland and San Ramon this week. Some of that was super sketch, our zone leaders were very adamant about us going home before it got dark in Oakland....creepy! But it is fun getting to go anywhere in the four stake boundaries.
Well, I LOVE YOU ALL! Pray I survive this transfer.
Sister Martin

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