Monday, August 5, 2013

Here We Go

My new companion is Sister Evans. She is a convert of 2 1/2 years, very kind, also from Texas (Fort Worth area) and also went to BYU. She is one of the 19 year olds, but I am very happy to have her be my companion, she has a fantastic testimony.
We finally visited a less active we found several weeks ago. We had a sister from Relief Society go with us who has experience being less active herself. We really spent time making a lesson plan for his needs. The Spirit truly blessed our preparation, because the Spirit was so strong. The man was able to open up and share how he is truly looking for peace in his life and to get closer to God. When we extended the invite to come to church, he quickly and readily said yes! Miracle, this is exactly what the Church had in mind for this ward, that we could find those who need a place to go at their age, a spiritual home of sorts. Our member was the perfect testimony and could relate to him, and we came out of there on a spiritual high! It felt like someone had just said yes to baptism, that's how good it felt.
President Meredith called me and asked to pick up another set of sisters to exchange with this transfer. Its the Samoan sisters in Oakland! I have to do 8 exchanges now. Also I went to the Mission Leadership council, and our mission is getting prepared to have a general authority come tour our mission! We are very excited.
Well the work is hastening, I hope you all are a part of it! Our ward really is picking up on helping out with missionary work, and I know it brings no greater happiness. To quote a sister from Relief Society, "If you want to change, change." Going out with missionaries is a positive change to have in your life. Just say yes and go with them!
Sister Martin

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