Tuesday, August 27, 2013

When It Rains It Pours!

Hello Family,
I forgot to tell you last week. While I was in the Tongan program, I got bit by a chihuaha dog. Or i should say the pet of the devil....I then proceeded to have nightmares this past week that I had some kind of curse that revolved around me, that no matter where I went, dogs were attracted to me because they wanted to attack me. it was very horrifying. And only increased my hatred for dogs. She bit me on the arm, and finally the member put her on her lap, where she was sitting straight up, in a human way, and stared at me the whole lesson. It was very unnerving.
On better news, we supposedly have two investigators with a baptismal date. I say supposedly becasue we havent actually met them yet. We have known about them for two weeks, but the pass off between missionaries is not going well and they keep falling through. BUT then we had an awesome girl from our ward speak on Sunday and she invited some of her nonmember friends. They were so moved by the talks that they asked for the speaker's phone number after the meeting. We got the member to talk to them about speaking WITH US! They agreed! Woohoo! The power of members and the Sabbath! After all this struggle with investigators, we are getting them fast!
We passed off an awesome girl named Alisha, who is from China, to the YSA elders. But during the pass off lesson she answered everything perfectly, we were so proud! Pretty sure she will be baptized! I was so happy to have taught her even just a little.

Well my companion and I are great. We like to quote Harry Potter a lot. We are going hiking today for our Zone Activity. Sorry this is short. THE CHURCH IS TRUE! LOVE YOU!
Sister Martin

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