Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"Pour You Out A Blessing"

Hello Family,

One of our members talked to a man in the grocery store about how she was giving a talk on Sunday. She invited him, he came, he loved it, we are teaching him. She talked to another guy at the landromat about the law of chastity... but still she set up an appointment with us and him. Can I just say, the power of members finding is incredible. I told this to Mom in her email after she told me about the stake conference back home that talked about not just planting seeds, but harvesting! Whose work is this? Look what happened with one statement in General Conference, thousands of missionaries flooded the world. If He can move mountains, He can move people!

I had an interesting experience in the Samoan program when I was on exchanges. One of the members neighbors had tripped on the stairs on the apartment complex, hit the window with his head and had fallen to the ground. This all happened about an hour before we got there. Which explains the ambulance leaving right before we got there. And the fresh-ish looking puddle of blood we had to step over. Only Oakland/Hayward...at least we found out it was an accident, not like a stabbing...I will send a picture...although one of our members got mugged this week, and now has a broken collarbone...

We are teaching a guy named Kevin. It's a long story how we got to teach him, but he is progressing, he came to church, and he even shared a testimony in sacrament fast and testimony meeting. He is set to be baptized in September! And his house in in the mountains, with craaaazy trails that look like you are about to drive off into a ravine(dont know how you spell it). 

Sorry if my emails are getting random. I think my brain has been fried this transfer. I feel like I am so busy, and I think about stuff to write you but then forget what it is. I will send some pics to make up for it. I remembered I never sent you a pic of sister Evens. This picture is us matching at Zone Conference. Then the puddle of blood. Then our district at the top of the hike last Monday, it was a great hike. If we come back together some time, we will go on it, it has a beautiful view of the bay.

LOVE YOU! Romans 1:16.

Sister Martin

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