Tuesday, September 10, 2013

On Fire!

Literally, Mt. Diablo, close by us, was on fire last night! It has been so hot lately I wonder if that was the cause. But we were driving back from Oakland last night, to see the orange flames and smoke billowing from behind the mountain. It was crazy! Thank Heavenly Father I did not wake up a crispy sister missionary this morning. Although I guess technically I wouldn't wake up...anyways it was far enough away we were ok. I think my emails have been getting crazier. It's because I left my safe little niche in Walnut Creek. Sorry I talk about dog bites, puddles of blood, and mountains on fire. Truly the end times!
Well transfer calls came, and for the first time in 5 transfers I am staying with my companion! I actually get to finish training Sister Evans! Our ward definitely needed some stability, we are both really happy. We are only switching out one sister in our district, and adding one elder. So now our district leader will be on bike and in a trio, training 2 elders. One of which will be a visa-waiter. We get a lot of those.
In other news, Sunday was great. We heard a testimony at "Why I Believe" fireside, about how one guy said if you think about a seed, how much nutrition and everyting it packs, it's all you need. Same thing with faith. It has everything we need. Also, I was so proud, Zaya spoke! Her English has gotten so good. She shared a very simple version of her story and how her heart has changed. Also in sacrament, we heard a good acronymn for times when you want to shrink, remember G.O.D. -Gratitude, Others examples/experiences, and Different perspective.
We found out our investigator is into Taro cards...I swear I will learn every weird thing a person can be into. Ok, that's probably not true, but it feels like it. I never imagined this would be an issue. But we will press forward teaching him that we need to turn to the scriptures and prayer for answers and guidance! When I was on exchanges, the elders tried to pass a drunk/high 33 year old man to us, while he was sitting around a camp fire in his backyard, after the fact that the cops had just left the house...the elders felt really bad after. We were glad they were there with us at least. Our poor member, it was her first time coming out with us...the sister I was on exchanges with commented how she felt bad we had to work with weirdos. Ha! So true. Mid singles in the world are so lost and confused without the gospel!!
Well, I love you all! Say your prayers and read your scriptures every day, it wll bring greater light to your life.
Sister Martin

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