Monday, September 23, 2013

Restoration of The Gospel

Hi Family,
So I wrote you my big email last Thursday, and we found out since then that Kevin is actually already a member! The elders who originally told us about him had said he was less active, but then some sisters said that no he was an investigator with a baptismal date. So when we met him, we asked if he had been baptized. He had said no. So we did our best and continued to teach him. He came clean and He met with the bishop, and said he wanted to be re-baptized. He didn't understand that you can't be re-baptized (unless excommunicated), and he was hoping to be. He said he didn't feel like he was really committed to it the first time. So good for him that he is looking to re-commit himself, but he talked with the bishop and he explained about the sacrament :). The adventures of East Bay Mid-Singles. It is extremely ironic with the timing, given we just had a zone meeting training on being honest with our key indicators (our goals/numbers we report), and we found out 3 days later, right before our report was due, that he was not an investigator. Good thing I have been told I have a gift of laughing about these things.
Sunday was amazing. The 3 temple workers in our ward spoke about the Restoration and temples. It was very powerful. Especially talking about Restoration, it was straight doctrine and I could feel the spirit testify to me of the truth. Made me ponder if that is how others feel when I teach the doctrine. Made me want to work on being more clear, short, and powerful.A great quote about the temple "man's questions of life, receive answers of eternity". Also someone put the perspective on Alma 34:32 "this life in the time for men to prepare to meet God" as that is why we have temples. They are for this life, which is why those on the other side cannot. This is our only time to be proxies for them. God's work should be hastening, for the living and the dead.
Celeste came to church! We are also suspicious of her being a member too haha. Knowing our luck, we wouldn't be surprised. She loved all three hours. We are going to try and take her to the women's broadcast this weekend.

I know this gospel is true. I know that even though we experience hard things, the Lord know who we are and answers prayers. Many of our doubts and questions arise from the fundamental understanding and believing in God and His existence. The Restoration of the gospel cleared up much confusion of Him. The first word from Heavenly Father's mouth was "Joseph",- He knows us individually. Jesus is the Christ, as Heavenly Father pointed out (literally). As we listen to Christ, we find truth and answers in His words. Joseph Smith History 1:19 starts off with "I was answered".
Thank you for your testimonies and prayers.
Much Love,
Sister Martin

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