Monday, February 17, 2014


Dear Family,
This week was great. I had a great experience on exchanges here in Alamo with a sister missionary from French Polynesia. Whenever we would see people on the side of the road, we would pull over and talk to them. Once I was on a busy street, but saw a cute Asian family out gardening TOGETHER, the wife was even in a modest skirt and frilly cardigan, she LOOKED like a Mormon already. I felt prompted to turn the car around and talk to them. It started off awkward as the only place to pull up was right in the driveway next to them. They were really nice though and said we could come back to see them. Last night went to see them and they totally remembered me and that I was from Texas and everything. We took an Asian member and were able to add them as new investigators! They were saying how they had only been there a year, and wish they had more community, more friends. They had looked at other churches but couldn't decide. They also wish their 9 and 12 year old sons would do more than video games. We discussed the gospel blesses families and they want us to teach them! BLESSINGS AND MIRACLES! Finding a family at the end of my mission is a spiritually high feeling!
And for some reason, we have met a ton of people lately who have recently lost loved ones. I see the Lord humbling this area and preparing them to recieve us. I have been able to bear testimony, show love, and discuss my experience with them and then see the Spirit work through them.
Final Week
Our members all bombarded me on Sunday asking me how much time I had left, was this my last Sunday, etc. I even had a member give me a book titled "Major Decisions" haha. I can't read it now, but its supposed to help me with my life after this.
Well see you all in 10 days. I think I can email next week too, so if you have last minute testimonies or uplifting stories or advice for me, it is still totally welcome! I really appreciate all who took time to write to me and to send me packages. Also, I relaly appreciate all those who prayed for me. I truly felt it.
Quote from Elder Featherstone:“The Lord really loves returned missionaries. He really blesses missionaries. Just think—for two years they gave more than seventy hours a week proselyting and teaching, and they paid their own money to do it.”According to President Spencer W. Kimball, missionaries should have the understanding that their mission “is not a two-year mission; it is an eternal mission. It not only includes all their mortal lives, but their spiritual lives after their demise when they will continue to preach the gospel.”
I have loved my mission and will continue to work this last week to find, teach, and baptize! And then do it again when I return! Love you all.
Sister Martin

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