Monday, February 3, 2014

Scatter Sunshine!

Hi Family!
This past week we had an incredible experience in contacting less actives. We were so pumped from finding a pool of investigators last week, that we tried to work on the less actives next. We made like 6 stops one night, tracking down almost completely new names no one knew much about. Incredibly, we were either let it, taught at the doorstep, or got a return appointment in all of them! So amazing, and we reached our goal. Heavenly Father is truly pouring His blessings on us to help us teach here. We also are helping the Alamo 2nd elders with some of their teaching appointments. It's filling our week with more exciting things, and we are helping the work move along, and reporting to our ward and everyone is getting excited. 
Another project we started with our ward missionaries is moral authority emails. I think I have told you about Elder Packer, our area 70, having the stake presidents email him about their missionary experiences EVERY WEEK. And he can do this because he is working on having an experience every DAY. This is so the stake presidents can stand at the pulpit and not just tell the members to do work, but to say "look at what happened to me, this can happen for you". Then the stake presidents are doing it to their counselors as well. We do this as full time missionaries, by talking to more people every week, and then telling our members about our experiences to build their faith just whenever we are around them. So we thought we would start that in our ward mission. Now our ward missionaries email our ward mission leader every week about an experience. When we got into gospel principles this Sunday, that's all anyone was talking about! They were so excited, it has really been a hit so far. 

Then we got to speak to early morning Seminary students (the juniors and seniors) this morning. We shared our experiences and discussed the blessings of a mission. It was cool to see them all groggy and yet no one was sleeping! I know the school here has a lot of wealthy kids who get into really bad stuff because they have the money to. So amazing that these kids choose to study the scriptures with their time. Future missionaries coming your way in the next 2 years!
Speaking of the youth, One of our investigators is Ryan, he is 12. His mom is a member, and they have been doing so well coming to church! He wants to be baptized! His grandpa is going to fly all the way from Idaho to baptize him. I know this is something his family has really been wanting for a long time. 

I will send you 2 last pictures of me, just so you can see my new companion Sister Goddard. We have rode bikes a couple more times. It really gets better after the first time. Also, I ran into the coolest cat. He had a unique mustache, and I asked the owner what his name was, and its Mario :)
I LOVE YOU ALL!! Pray for and seek for an opportunity to share the gospel this week, and you will be blessed with the Spirit more in your life, and a smile on your face! Then email me about it, I would love to hear, even if it is a rejection.
Sister Martin
p.s. I picked the title of scatter sunshine, because we fasted in california for rain this week. Even muslims and other faiths did it, and this fast sunday morning, it was already raining! But yet we still sang sunshine songs at relief society haha.

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