Monday, May 13, 2013


Hola Familia!

Well, it was fantastic talking to you all (and SEEING everyone)! It made me so happy that you all cared enough to see me :) The babies and cats were all still cute so that's good...;) Mom I hope you were treated right and had an enjoyable day! Love you!!

Well like you saw, I am training again. Sister Fiefia is from Tonga, the first sister in our mission actually from there (the other Tongans were from Utah). So it has been an adjustment not only teaching her missionary life, but also helping her live in America. When we went running the first morning, she grabbed my arm and said "Sister Martin! What is that?!" I look up to the power line and replied "That's a squirrel." Haha she was so scared of it! She calls me Sista Martini from Texasisi. She thinks all the cars are very nice and go very fast, and asks me things like why can't I just cut across to the other road, that turns out to be an opposite one way street with a meridian between us. So its been interesting having to explain all the little things. I'm sure I would have been the same way if I had gone to a foreign place. 

Priyali's baptism was great! I didnt mention yesterday that she was crying before she went into the font, and just beamed when she came out! After the baptism she went right to our other investigator, who is struggling to commit to a date, and told her she was next! She said she felt sooo different before and after going down into the water. You can tell she is ready to start this new life.

As for my birthday, I sent mom a list of some ideas, but really just a letter and/or maybe some spending cash would be awesome. Or cute summer sister missionary clothes, my current things are heavier. Or General Conference on DVD is nice to have in the apartment. We only can watch those, The District training videos, Finding Faith in Christ, and Restoration. But the only conference ones are from 2008. So the newer ones would be cool. There is a Texas BBQ place close by I think I want to try on my birthday to see if its real :) Also, it happens to be on a P-day, so we are going as a district to the Oakland Zoo! Then the next week is a temple trip and maybe Peter's baptism! Good birthday month! ;) 22, isn't that crazy?! You are all probably rolling your eyes...but it feels weird to me!

Well, just know that I REALLY LOVE YOU ALL! Read the Book of Mormon everyday!!
Sista Martini

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