Monday, May 20, 2013


Hi Family,

Thanks for the Bday wishes, I seriously have the coolest family ever!

This week Priyali received the Holy Ghost. It was great, she loved it, said she felt Spirit. We taught her her first new member lesson this week and after talked about us sharing the Restoration with others, and she told us about her neighbors. We went straight there with her, and she knocked on the door, introduced herself, said we were her friends from church, and she wanted to talk to them about her church! Woah, bold recent convert! It actually was fine though, he said ok and nodded his head, I think he liked it that she was straight to the point. I took some time to testify to him about the gospel blesses families, especially because he said his wife was out of town taking care of their sick daughter. He seemed a little interested to hear more, so we are going back when his wife is in town! We have been really struggling with finding lately, and so we are hoping with these potentials we can help them progress in the gospel.

Then we had two other miracle phone calls receiving random referrals, some in our area, and some not. But both were just members going by the Spirit and sharing what they know to be true (espeically sharing the Book of Mormon and just ASKING people if they want missionaries) with others. 

This work is truly the Lord's!

Love you all!
Sister Martin

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