Monday, May 6, 2013

News and Answered Prayers

Hello Family!
Big News this week: We got transfer calls. Usually when you train a new missionary, it is for 12 weeks. But there are so many sisters coming in, its causing a lot of changes. I will be training ANOTHER new missionary come Wednesday! Oh, and staying in Walnut Creek! (I will be here for at least half my mission when I am done training this sister).So Sister Goff is getting transferred after only 6 weeks of being out, with another missionary who has only been out 6 weeks, and they are "shotgunning" the area! Meaning they are both brand new, there is not a senior companion who is already there and knows the area. They are going out to Brentwood, with a ward who is finally getting their own set of missionaries and a brand new building. I am very excited for her, but also sad to see her leave. Her and her new companion are very nervous, our zone leaders mentioned to them "so you are 'the experiment'?" haha, so this has not really been done before in the mission. Also, Sister Goff will be driving and the senior companion! Sister Hewett got called as one of the new sister training leaders!
Prayers Answered: If you prayed for Peter this week (like I mentioned in the last letter), we had a great trip to the Visitor's Center, where we asked him if he wanted to be baptized, and he said yes! He picked a date of May22, which is a Wednesday haha, but we can change that. Also Priyali was praying that her parents would be ok with her getting baptized, and she talked to them Saturday night, and her mom was not only ok with it, she even told her if she is going to be committed to something, she needs to be committed 100%! Smart mother :) Priyali is getting baptized on Sunday! So lucky new sister is getting to see a baptism her first Sunday out in the field.
Mother's Day: I will be skyping from a members house around 4:00 pm my time, 6:00 Texas time. Hopefully I remember my log in information haha. I might give a brief phone call right before again to let you know to get on. Our call has been encouraged this time to last from 30-40 minutes. Bring the babies!
Love you!
Sister Martin

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